An orthophoto is a realistic, distortion-free and scale photographic image of the surface.

Orthophotos are used in applications where cards are used. City maps are supplemented with orthophotos for the detailed representation and orientation. Supranational organizations measure the size of agricultural land, for example, to monitor subsidy misuse. With the orthophotos help, municipalities can have a tool that permit to make a rapidly available, measuring accurate and timely basis for their planning and to georeference for statistical databases. GIS use the orthophotos in different file size, scale, and content issues in combination as georeference. A variety of applications has been developed for the availability of orthophotos explosion in digital form ..

Scan4tech specializes in Orhtofotoherstellung images from a synchronous RGB recording using their own medium-format camera Hassleblad with 39 MB and 16-bit color under Laserscanbefliegungen. Ideal application corridors are mainly such as roads, pipelines and rivers.Teilweise synchronous imaging is also required in traditional laser scan jobs.